Fluoride | The Perfect Coating For Your Roof?

Just like a dentist, a good workman uses only the best tools. So when it comes to roofing, you’ll want to utilize a coating that works effectively, is of high quality, and has excellent durability. Essentially, if you want to turn roofing leads into sales and deals and ultimately make a name for yourself, you’ll need products that can convince a wide range of buyers. That is where fluoride comes in handy in other professions. Well, more specifically, Polyvinylidene fluoride.

Roofing Salesman prides itself in using PVDF roof coating for its roofing. What exactly is this coating? Essentially, it’s a water- and fluoride-based coating that is reflective and repels dirt to high degrees. Its high quality makes it the perfect choice for Roofing Salesman, and it’s the reasonPVDF graph that roofing leads can become clients.

So how does fluoride work so well in terms of roofing? Its benefits are exceptional and make it the perfect coating for any roof. Here are some of its winning characteristics.

1. Maintains reflectiveness

Most roof coatings collect dust and dirt, which accumulate over time and ultimately start to reduce the reflectance of the roof, which leads to the roof then becoming hotter and absorbing more heat. The weather also may corrode or diminish reflectance, and this can be troubling for anyone who wishes to make their roof fully durable. However, fluoride can repel all these factors, paying no heed to collected dirt, repelling unwanted particles, and withstanding all forms of weather and temperatures. It keeps the reflectance levels high regardless of the environment.

2. High resistance

Petronas Twin TowersThis sort of coating displays a high level or resistance towards standing water and mildew, and it ultimately lasts for a long time due to its tolerance of varying degrees of weather and temperatures. With that being said, as much as possible, try not to apply a fluoride-based coating in conditions that have ponding water – there’s no fixed guarantee that this will work, although this coating has been proven to be stronger and more resistant than most water-based coatings. In fact, Polyvinylidene fluoride is often found used in electrical wires insulation; this is because it is lightweight, has low thermal conductivity rates, is resistant to chemical corrosion, and is extremely flexible. That’s a selling point for sure, and it’s why it’s a top pick for roofing leads.

3. Compatibility

A fluoride-based coating, due to also being water-based, is compatible with a wide range of products. Water-based sealants and coating products can be used in collaboration with a fluoride roof coating, meaning it’s not necessary to search high and low or go out of your way to find product that works in tandem with it. When you purchase roofing leads, potential clients will be happy to see plenty of options available to them.

4. Environmentally friendly

Sure, this product might be fluoride-based, but it’s also water based. This means that it is more friendly to the environment than other coatings that are not. In addition, because it generally lasts longer, it won’t need to be touched up or redone often – some sellers even offer a 20 year guarantee. That’s how reliable and durable fluoride is when it comes to roofing! This adds excellent marketability to the product, making it easier to get roofing leads who stick around to make a deal.

5. Fast and easy

The nature of fluoride-based products make it easy to clean up in case of a mess, and it also cures quickly. To secure roofing leads and keep customers hooked, you’ll want to be able to guarantee that work can be finished as quickly as possible and without causing too much of a mess. A Taipei 101PVDF coating dries and cures much faster in comparison to a lot of other water-based coatings, so it makes a perfect pick for this situation.

Need more proof of the effectiveness of Polyvinylidene fluoride in roofing? You don’t have to take my word for it. Famous buildings around the world make use of this form of coating, including renowned sites like Taipei 101 in Taiwan and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia. With buildings that tall, coatings must work perfectly, and they clearly do. The proof is all around you. That’s why Roofing Salesman uses PVDF roof coating; you can’t deny that it works, and works well.

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