Dentist Has Completely Uncanny “Tooth” Related Wedding.

So I’ve definitely heard of some unusual wedding entertainment ideas, but when I heard that two of my dentist friends from college were going to wed, I fetched my diary and was checking if I had time to attend the friends’ wedding when the informer added: They are going to have a completely tooth health-themed wedding. I closed the diary without checking my schedule and resolved to attend in spite of any appointments I was going to have that day. It wasn’t so much out of love as it was out of curiosity. Dentist-themed weddings are clearly unheard of, so I wanted to know what kind of craziness had come upon my friends.

The first bout of surprise was when I saw ribbons hung from the fibers of toothbrush imitations. The ribbons themselves looked like a spurt of toothpaste and were in different colors- yellow, white, orange, purple et cetera. Beside each ribbon hung a balloon. On each balloon was an immaculately done drawing of a couple with sparkly, well-aligned teeth, kissing. There was a burst of colors outside, a harbinger of the splendor and immaculate themes inside.

Similarly done balloons and ribbons hung from the ceiling of the chapel. Looking around, the chapel bore the aura of a dental clinic. On the aisle, the couple sat as dental patients would waiting for an appointment with a dentist.

tooth-weddingAcross them, a giant tooth cake stood on a pedestal with a male-looking tooth beside a female-looking tooth, both showcasing radiant smiles. On top of the cake, where cake toppings should be, were the bride and groom as teeth. I would later be told that the cake didn’t have a lot of sugar as sugar spoils teeth.

The couple had asked a dentist who was also a church minister to preside over the occasion. He wore a dentist’ overalls that had the typical clergy’s collar tab. He looked amazing, albeit unusual, in that attire.

I sat there mesmerized by the creativity and passion of the couple. They had surpassed expectations already. I had come here cynical of a dentist-themed wedding, but now I was awed beyond expression. The couple looked fantastic in their wedding attire. The bridegroom and his grooms were dressed impeccably in well-done grey suits while the bride was gorgeously clad in a snow-white overflowing wedding dress. Her bridesmaids were just a gorgeous. Surprisingly, there was nothing dental in their various attires save for breast pocket handkerchief in men’s coats that hung from the pockets as would a tongue out of the mouth, though not as goofy, but in a stylish, decent way.

The height of this dentist couple’s ingenuity showed when the minister stood to have them take their vows. I cannot remember exactly what happened, except for a few interesting snippets, but I can firmly attest that it was one of the most spectacular things I have ever witnessed. It was unusual, genius and spectacular, to say the least. For instance, in the vows he asked the couple to stick together as teeth does to gum. When the teeth falls off, he said, it is to its own destruction. The minister asked them to seek counselling whenever they have marital problems just as people seek dental care whenever they have dental problems. When the couple partook of the cake, they brushed their teeth before the audience amid rapturous cheers.

As I drove off from the wedding, I looked at the diary: I was to meet the state’s governor the very time I was attending the wedding. I smiled to myself, thankful that I didn’t look at my diary in prior as I would have been compelled to go to the meeting with the Governor and miss the spectacular wedding.