A Hidden Danger In Swimming Pools

Fluorine is a naturally occurring element mostly found in water bodies for instance seas, lakes, rivers and even swimming pools. Fluorinated swimming pools in Arizona expose the swimmers into various health risks even though fluorine as a chemical is credited for reducing tooth decay thus many dentists recommends for its use in toothpastes. Pool Resurfacing Phoenix company offers a solution by eliminating all health risks posed by fluoride in Arizona swimming pools. Below are the top 10 health risks that are likely to originate from fluoridated swimming pools.

Top 10 health risks of fluorinated water

1. Reproductive problemsreproductive_problems

High levels of fluorine in the body reduce sperm count in males and ultimately leads to infertility. This is a proof that has been provided by scientists after research.

2. Brain damage

Fluorine is among the top 100 chemicals that are known to cause neurotoxicity to humans as depicted in the US Environmental protection Agency. Brain damage alters normal brain function.

3. Lowered IQ

When 1.9 parts per million accumulates in the body system, then chances of mind retardation is very high and ultimate lowered IQ happens.

4. Bioaccumulation of fluorine in the body

When ingested, fluorine is excreted through kidneys. But small quantities of fluorine tend to accumulated in the bones. This reduces the integrity of the bones in terms of strength. Pool resurfacing Phoenix helps to prevent such incidence from happening by cleaning fluoride elements from swimming pools.

5. Dental fluorosis in bottle fed children

Bottle fed children consume liquid foods. They thus have high chances of developing dental fluorosis due to fluorine contained in their meals.

6. Reduced thyroid functionreduced_thyroid_function

Fluorine reduces the activity of thyroid hormone and increased used of it causes hypothyroidism causing a serious health effect. Swimming pool maintenance by Pool Resurfacing Phoenix can halt this health risk.

7. Arthritis condition

Fluorine creates bones and joint diseases which are similar to rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is associated with pain in the joints.

8. Bone damage

The calcium matrix in the bone structure is interfered with by fluorine making the bone weak. This problem is caused by high accumulation of fluorine in the bones.

9. Hastens osteoporosis amongst the elderly

Fluorine causes hip fracture in elderly women. Consumption of fluorinated foods by old women accelerates the rate of developing osteoporosis.

10. Early onset of puberty in teenagersearly_puberty

Accumulation of high levels of fluorine in pineal glands reduces production of melatonin which in turn leads to early onset of puberty.

How to avoid fluoride

The best step to avoid dangers of fluoride is to clean the swimming pools as well as carrying out maintenance tasks.

Pool Resurfacing Phoenix is equipped with swimming pool cleaning experts who chemically balances the pools and reduces the dangerous levels of flouride that is harmful to humans. The company also does maintenance work to ensure healthy pool water is guaranteed. Filtering of piping systems that feeds the pool is of importance in elimination of fluoride in the swimming pools.

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